The visual artist captures a moment--to reveal and preserve a thought. A visual image tells a story. However, as it touches your heart, it allows you to express the revelation of it in your own words. Visual art may help to illustrate a point. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. In that sense it teaches us, but it may also deliver a message from God, which makes it prophetic. The strokes of the brush, or pen or whatever it might be, can be prophetic movements which capture the heart of God.


You might release an expression of worship through visual art. For example, a snapshot of nature that reveals the magnificence of God. The images you create might also reveal your heart. You might release what's in your heart--whatever it is--as a way to express the voice within you. This is true with all of the worship art categories. You release the voice--the worship art expression--God has given you through your art. Oftentimes it may not end up looking as you thought it would, but the important thing is to sincerely express the influence of the Holy Spirit that is on your heart, and not to have a finished product that just looks good to people.


The life of a worship artist reflects the image of Jesus. A reflection doesn't struggle to reflect something. It just does. A picture is being painted on the canvas of your life. You are leaving memories, or images, imprinted upon the hearts of those you come in contact with during your day. You don't have to struggle to release these images, just keep your eyes on Him and reflect. The visual artist will often see something in the spirit and want to reflect that in an image to others. It could be a message from the Lord as we've seen. It might also call attention to a portion of Scripture the Lord is emphasizing. Or it might be intercessory or priestly where an art project is created as a way of praying for a person, a group or a cause. Visual art might be abstract or not. However it ends up, the moment it captures, or the message it conveys is something to be remembered, studied, meditated on, and appreciated.


The visual artist might record a historical moment in time, bringing an accurate record of it. In Numbers 33:52 the Lord told Moses to tell the people to destroy all of their engraved and formed images from the land of Canaan when they went in to take it over. He wanted the historical memory of that land to be erased, along with their idols. It had been captured in art. Visual art helps us to remember, and remember accurately so truth is preserved.


A visual art image might stir emotions—especially if something is revealed or released to the viewer. However we want to go beyond emotion and release something spiritual. Not that feeling an emotion would be bad, we just want to go past that. As you look at a picture you might imagine or remember an experience and feel an emotion connected with it. A scenic mountain pond may bring peace where a picture of a large cliff might bring a breathtaking sense of the wonder of our God. The beauty of the earth stirs something in our hearts. It may be emotional but it can also inspire a recognition of how great our Creator is and birth worship or repentance. It can carry an anointing of the Lord to bring freedom.


Art carries with it the atmosphere from which it's created. If it is created in an atmosphere of worship, the anointing of the Holy Spirit might bring healing and deliverance, setting people free. This is the kind of impact worship art can have on our culture!





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