A sculpture artist is a person who doesn't mind "getting their hands dirty.” They will walk right with you through whatever problem you might be going through. They will help you rebuild your life "from scratch" after something devastating happens. They have the patience, mercy and vision to help you. They can see purpose, maybe where others can't. We all need this kind of mercy. We all need vision and the patience to stick with it and see it come through to completion. There is, of course, a lesson for us to learn in all of these categories, whether or not we consider one our main gifting.


In sculpture art you are getting those things out of the way that interfere with your purpose. You need to know how to “trim down” or throw out those things that are not needed. We really are clay in the Master's hand. As we allow Him to sculpt us, we let ourselves "be the art" He's designed for us to be. We need to trust Him in order to be able to do this. You need to know how much He loves you. He loves you! God breathed into the dirt and it came alive. You carry His breath. Yield to His breath--His Spirit--as you create your art in an atmosphere of worship. The ground must be soft soil in order for the seed to grow. Let your heart be soft soil so the Word of God can have His way in your life and the breath of God can resurrect you! As you yield to Him in worship, and cultivate this worship garden, the purpose-seeds He's planted within your heart will also grow.


A sculpture in this Worship Art practice refers to objects that you make--all types of crafts. Bezalel was filled with the Spirit of God and given the ability to understand and create all kinds of craft--metals, stones, wood, fabric etc. (Exodus 31:1-11). However, while Moses was on the Mount and God was speaking to him about this, the Israelites were growing impatient and created an idol. We want to take care that what we create itself doesn't become an idol. We're not worshiping our art. This holds true for all categories. If we remain in the presence of God, idols are destroyed. When the Philistines captured the ark of God and set it next to their idol Dagon, he kept falling down until he finally was destroyed. Idols can't stand in the presence of the true God. (1 Samuel 5:1-7).




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