Performing art is alive and moving. In Acts 17:28 Paul mentioned the people's “poets.” This word also means performer. He quoted their poets as saying, “In Him we live and move and exist.” The Performing artist has an illustrative message, much like a story--a living parable. It may be scripted/choreographed, or it may be spontaneous. It could take the form of a skit or some other theatrical form. It might be dance, dramatic storytelling, video, and the like. It may be verbal or non-verbal. Jesus told parables to help people understand His teachings or to inspire them to seek understanding.


Performing art done as worship art is not for the purpose of entertaining. It might, however, promote fellowship as a form of recreation, creating an atmosphere of community that unites the body. Performing art may also be seen in worship or prayer such as in dance or intercession. We see examples of dance as an expression of worship in the Bible. Some dance may be an excited, spontaneous celebration of praise and rejoicing. Some might be reverential and serene. Some may be intense spiritual warfare. As in all worship art, the mood of the Spirit expressed from the pure and sincere heart of a worshiper will determine what form it takes.


Worship art projects don't have to be elaborate. A Performing art project could be a full length movie or a short dance movement. It's not about the length or size that makes something spiritually powerful, it’s whether or not the Spirit of the Lord is with it. With some worship art projects, such as performing arts, you may not end up with a physically tangible object, (a painting, a book, a bracelet etc.), unless it is recorded, as in a video. This does not mean you have not created worship art. The message you release into this natural realm from the spiritual realm is more "real" and lasts eternally. Its effects are carried in your heart and not just your hand.


The message of a performing artist, (or any worship artist), may be to the Lord as an act of worship or prayer, from the Lord as in a prophetic message to others, or about the Lord giving understanding or expression of His character or ways. Ezekiel displayed some symbolic and dramatic acts in obedience to what the Lord told him to do to convey a message to His people. As an actor steps into the mind and behavior of his character in a theatrical performance, the performing artist may intercede or stand on behalf of another to pull them through to victory.


Theatre and dance deal with movement and position, in the same way, performing artists will first position themselves to hear and receive from the Lord. Our heart’s desire is to please Him. We’re not interested in simple entertainment or self-promotion, but in worship, building God’s kingdom and seeing people set free from whatever bondages entangle them.


You may perform "mini” performing art acts that would be considered worship art. Similar to a literary artist jotting a note of encouragement, or a visual artist doodling a little inspired sketch, any act of kindness may be considered an “everyday” performing art act. Worship art is something that is meant to be intertwined into a believer’s everyday life—art that worships…be the art.


2 Samuel 6, Psalm 149:3, Psalm 150:4; 2 Corinthians 4:18





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