The Literary artist is one who paints with words. All artists use an art form to communicate. They inspire, encourage, plead, teach and deliver many messages, thoughts and feelings through their art. A literary artist does so too and uses language to do it. So like all artists, a literary artist must first have something to say—something to communicate. As worship artists, our desire is to communicate from a Holy Spirit filled heart. May our art always carry the influence and anointing of the Holy Spirit wherever it reaches, bringing life and freedom!


Jesus called the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth. When praying to the Father, He said His word is Truth. As a literary artist, we want all of our writings to be a reflection of Truth. Even in fictional stories or scripts, we want to convey truths and not be deceptive or manipulative in any way.  Even though it’s important to write sincerely, even passionately, it’s much more important to be influenced by the Spirit of Truth. We want to love and embrace the Truth, recognizing the purity and power of it, and release that into our art.


In the Bible we read of Ezra who was a scribe skilled in the Law of Moses. He had determined to study the Word of God, to put it into practice in his own life, and to teach it to the people. In today's world we are in danger of compromising the integrity of the scribe. With the internet, people simply copy and paste information as if it were their own. The source of it becomes questionable, raising doubts as to the reliability of much of what is on the internet. We must be careful what we believe, whether reading, researching or writing.


If someone wants to impact a culture, they might communicate an idea, knowing it will be rejected at first. However, the more an idea is presented and talked about, the more people will soften to it and eventually accept it. This happens all the time and many people are not aware of it. This is why it’s important to keep the Word of God before our eyes continually so we won't be duped into believing those things that oppose the Lord, and so what we are communicating to others will be life-giving. It’s important to be influenced by the Holy Spirit so our intentions will not be to bring harm to a society, or to selfishly deceive others for our own personal gain.


Language is a collection words. Words are sounds, (verbal) or symbols, (written) that one or more persons assign a meaning to. Communication occurs when two or more persons agree upon the meaning of the language so one thought is able to be understood by another. Truth is the language of God. When we learn and communicate His language, the power of His truths are released into the earth. This is how salvation and freedom come to people—through the communication of the Word of God!


Because language is used to communicate, it brings people together. It connects them. How awesome it is that Jesus, who is called the Word of God made flesh, is the great Connector between God and man! The Father sent Jesus, not only to speak and communicate His message to us, but to live it out as a powerful example and demonstration, and making the ultimate sacrifice so we could be connected with Him forever.


John 17:17, John 16:13, Ezra 7:6, 10, Romans 10:13-18, John 1:14




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