The culinary artist is so often overlooked as an artist. Their call is to nourish and create an atmosphere. They have to resist the pressure to create that which is unhealthy because of wanting to people-please. If they are insecure they will fall prey to yearning for the praises of men. They must also resist the urge to compete by creating that which tastes good, yet is unhealthy and even addicting.


When we look at Martha in the Bible, we often think Jesus rebuked her for asking Mary to help her prepare and serve the people. However, later on we read that Jesus loved both of them and the truth is that Martha's personality and gifts were different from Mary's. Martha saw the big picture a little easier. She met Jesus prior to Him entering the village when Lazarus died. She wanted more understanding of what He meant about the resurrection. Just before Jesus spoke to raise Lazarus from the dead, she made sure He knew Lazarus would be stinky after being dead for four days! Like a true culinary artist, she was concerned about the condition of the body!


Martha accepted what Jesus told her about Mary choosing the right thing by sitting at His feet. She even encouraged Mary to take her place by telling her that Jesus was asking for her when He came into town to raise Lazarus. A culinary artist wants to please the Lord and see people take their appropriate place. Mary filled the house with fragrance when she poured the Nard over Jesus' feet, yet Martha also filled the home with fragrance through her cooking. They both created a fragrance for the Lord through their own expression of worship. The culinary artist may find themselves preparing and serving while others are at the feet of Jesus. They must realize that not everyone is called to be like them. Not only is insecurity and seeking the praises of people something they must be on guard for, but also bitterness from thinking that people don't seem to be as concerned about the things that they are.


There seems to be such pressure on the culinary artist to care less about health and nutrition and just care about taste. Ever since the garden of Eden there's been an attempt by the enemy to influence the culinary artist. They must be sure that what they are offering really is life-giving. Even on the spiritual side, the mature culinary artist cares about uniting the body of Christ, keeping it healthy and strong, and has the discernment to recognize what is healthy and what isn't.




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