The Psalmist tells us that deep calls unto deep—at the sound of His waterfalls (Psalm 42:7). The Audio artist is all about sound. This is a person who listens for the voice and sound of the Lord and releases it here into the earth. The Lord has many voices. He is the Creator of frequencies, rhythms and patterns—even light frequencies. Look at His creation--waterfalls, wind, fire, birds etc. All have a voice and a song. You even have a sound and a rhythm inside of you. Ray Hughes explains how the low thunderous sound of drums change things in the earth. They affect the circulatory system. The high sounds affect the nervous system. Each of our bodies vibrate at a certain rhythm. Our bodies physically respond to the sounds of heaven and the voice of the Lord. Let’s make it a sound of praise for the King of kings!


An audio artist releases a sound. However, in order to do so, they have learned to listen. Before anyone creates or releases a sound from the Spirit, they must know how to listen. They are learning to hear what God is saying and respond to that. They desire to capture that sound from the Spirit and bring it into the world around us.


When you hear a sound or the song from God’s realm, you just have to express it. When you feel the rhythm, it's got to come out. Music calls for a response from us. Whether its toe tapping, hand clapping, dance, jumps or shouts, it compels us to respond. Music released from the realm of heaven calls for worship and praise. It’s what we were created to do. After the ruler of the feast tasted the wine that Jesus had made from the water, he called out to the bridegroom to tell him how good it was. Once we taste and see how good He is we must call out to Him and tell Him!


Music of worship and praise fills the air and creates a beautiful atmosphere where creative worship is born. There is power in the sound vibrations that come from a pure heart of worship, and from a heart surrendered to the Lord in obedience. Think of Joshua and Jericho. They marched around the city and in response to the Lord's instruction blew the trumpets, shouted and the walls fell down. We worship the Lord with music. In a music filled room we might sing, clap, dance, paint, sculpt or whatever. Worship and music bring in the presence of the Lord. When the Israelites brought the ark back to Jerusalem they were shouting and playing all kinds of instruments in celebration. It was a time of rejoicing and they expressed it in sound. (2 Samuel 6:15)


There have been reports of people being healed when specific notes are played or poems are read. They've found that underground glaciers actually play music as they move. The stars, and I'm sure we'll discover more and more of God's creation, are crying out to Him in praise. Jesus said the rocks would cry out if the people wouldn't praise Him. As cool as it is for the rocks to cry out, we don't want to neglect our duty to praise Him, let's have them join us instead! As worshipers, we need to be leading creation in worship. Worship is more than listening to the musicians in a Sunday morning church service. We need to be participating, not just during church but all the time! Let's lead all of creation in worship of the King of kings! (Romans 8:19).





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