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It's not the end, but just the beginning!


Reaching the Servant level, is when all that you have gone through during your Ho Hodos Worship Arts practice really begins to flourish. It's not just that you mature in your own gift, but the group you are in  matures together. You've learned to worship and grow together. Maybe you've planned events together, and all of this creates a bond within your small group that reflects the Lord's desire for unity throughout the body of Christ.


By the time you reach Servant level, you've found areas of art you enjoy and are gifted in. They speak of your calling and purpose in life, even an occupation. You may have developed some traditions with your outside events, yearly feast or yearly fast. Maybe you've started reaching out to the community together in such a way that is bringing life and blessing to the people around you. Your group may want to consider performances, recitals or exhibitions to reach out even further into your families, churches, cities and towns.


Our prayer is that you desire to seek the Lord's heart concerning the building of His Kingdom here in the earth and what your specific place is--that you truly become a Knight of Worship, honoring the King of Kings with all your heart and in all you do!




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