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Once you've reached the Servant Level, you may pursue a Servant Knight designation. Basically, this is  one who has willingly and joyfully surrendered to his or her purpose of worshiping God.


A Servant Knight is:


• Loyal to the King of Kings, standing in defense of the Gospel.


• Developing skill and anointing in spiritual warfare and his/her called area of art.


• One who shows maturity in love, humility, serving others and intercession.


• One of righteous character, displaying the fruit of the Spirit,
loving the brethren and helping the poor.



A Servant Knight is a Christian knight who realizes the Lord Jesus has brought him, or her, out of darkness and into His kingdom of light. He loves and serves King Jesus, answering a call to friendship with the Lord as well as servanthood. He understand the great love of the Lord and his worship springs out of this love, not out of an attempt to earn it through good works. The Servant Knight is courageous and honors the Lord and His Word, defending His kingdom. He has been "fitted with his armor", developing in anointing, experience, skill and maturity. Which is evidenced by the character or fruit of the Holy Spirit.


If you earn the "core beads" outlined throughout the Follower and Disciple levels, then you will be on track to meet the requirements for the Servant Knight designation. Further details on how to become a Servant Knight are found in the Servant book.






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