“I like that you teach us about God, but make it fun.”


We sometimes think we have to tell kids why they should believe in God, or why they should love Him.  When in reality, we just need to give them opportunity to connect with Him and He can show them Himself how cool He is.  God is anything but boring, but if we only talk about Him and don’t provide the kids a chance to create with Him then that will become boring.  I would much rather experience seeing a gorgeous mountain view for myself than to just hear you talk about how beautiful it was when you saw it.  Or read a book instead of hearing someone else’s summary, or go for a boat ride rather than hearing about someone else’s boat ride etc.


I think another reason she thinks learning about God is fun is because she is discovering that her gifts and creative abilities are something valuable and useful in the Kingdom of God, as well as here in the earth.  In other words, she is discovering her purpose.  We are created to do something—that is our purpose—and we will find the most fulfillment, the most joy, when we are fulfilling that purpose.  When we see that our gifts can be used in a purposeful way, that is exciting and gives us a great sense of value and worth.



“You inspire me.”


I don’t feel that I can take the credit for inspiring the seven year old boy who said this.  I simply provided an opportunity for him to explore his creative gifts in a God-filled atmosphere.  We might sometimes be like “gutter-guards” in bowling and keep their thinking on the right track until they learn to do so for themselves.  However for the most part, we simply get out of the way and allow God to reveal Himself to these kids and develop relationship with them Himself. The Holy Spirit is the true source of inspiration.




“This is like a feast!”


The girl who said this did so at the first free art session she attended as a Follower.   There were worship art opportunities in all seven categories and she didn’t know where to start first.  To her, it looked like a feast of creative possibilities and you could see the joy rise in her as she realized the freedom she had to explore.




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