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Go Play Outside




Evidence of Years Gone By

(Inspired By a Tree Stump)


It's language is silent

Yet it's message is here,

But only for those

Who are able to see and who

Listen with their eyes

And even their touch.


Most likely it's whole life remained in one place

Slow and steady it ran it's own race,

Able to adapt and not get in the way

Offering something--a place of shade?

Or maybe a sense of security.


Whatever the case it was born before me

And I wonder the stories it could tell if it pleased.

It earned it's right to stay

And now we see it's grave

In the form of an old

Tree stump.

One thing we allow as "credit" for a worship art project, is a "Go Play Outside" experience. We can learn from the Master Artist Himself by getting outside. We not only observe the beauty of God's Creation, but participate in it too. God's creation is interactive art! Let it inspire you in your favorite worship art category!




I hope you can forgive my lack of professional videography skills and watch the videos below to get an idea of how playing outside can inspire you.





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