Introduction to Worship Arts is a series of booklets which instruct you in creating art projects in seven categories of art. During this process, you have opportunity to connect with the Lord in a practical way to discover or enhance the gifts He's placed within you.


There are three levels--Follower, Disciple, and Servant, and there are three types of books for each level--Adult, Child, and Child Mentor. The books coordinate with each other so you may practice in a group--an all adult group, an all child group, or a mixture of children and adults (such as a family).


The children's book is for approximate ages 7-15 and requires a Mentor book and Mentor.


Christian parents, Children or youth group leaders, homeschoolers, or any other small group leaders who are looking for a practical way to bring worship, fellowship, and discovery to their group may want to consider this practice.


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GroupIndividualKids & AdultsGroup Practice Worship art groups are simply a group of people who meet together for  art sessions and may hold events or go on field trips. They may be people of all ages and art preferences who come together to grow, worship, and develop relationships in Christ. These groups may be based in various places including homes, neighborhoods or churches. Individual Practice The individual practice is for those who want to work on their own and not in a group. This means you are not meeting with others for sessions or events.Children & Adults This Worship Art projects are designed for children and adults. There is both a child and adult workbook for each level which are coordinated so you can work together. The children's practice, in most cases, works best with ages 7-15. A child requires a Mentor--a parent or group leader--to guide him or her through the sessions and provide art materials.




















ServantDiscipleFollowerServant Level The Servant level is the final level. The Servant level is slightly different from the other two in that there are twelve sessions with a Scripture theme and art ideas for the seven categories for each session. These sessions are designed more like the "free art" sessions of the other two levels with each person choosing their own category and art project. At the Servant level is where you may attain the Servant Knight designation,  which is the expression of being a true Knight of Worship.Disciple Level
The Disciple level also has eight sessions and is similar to the Follower level but with different art projects. Once again you create art in all seven of our worship art categories. Four new "free art" session themes and ideas are included, and the same Go Play Outside ideas, outside event, and yearly feast suggestions are here as well.
Follower Level The Follower level is the beginning level. Each person has their own workbook with eight sessions. All seven of our worship art categories are introduced with art projects for each session. (Art materials are not included). As an option to expand this level, there are four "free art" session ideas to give you an opportunity to explore the categories more freely. There are also  Go Play Outside suggestions which are "field trip" ideas to learn from the Master Creator Himself, or suggestions for visiting the work of other artists. The idea is presented to hold an outside event or yearly feast as a way to reach out to the community, or display or perform your art.





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